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Dear Customers, Partners and Suppliers

Due to the new national and international developments related to the Pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19, and following the communication made on 03/18/2020, according to the guidelines of the government World Health Organization and the Portuguese General Health Direction and the COVID-19 Contingency Plan already adopted in the company we decided to adopt additional measures to prevent dissemination as follows:

- The company adopted telework measures for back office for all of employees in the company, while ensuring the normal functioning of the services. 

- for sending original documents (B / LS and source documents), please contact our services to decide the best solution for sending documents.

- Commercial visits to our facilities by customers and/or suppliers are temporarily suspended. For cases of extreme and necessary urgency, appropriate solutions will be found.

We appreciate that you contact our operational and commercial team in case of doubt and / or any scheduling if necessary. Together we will find the best solutions.


We thank you for your understanding, and we recall the need for public and civic health of ALL to adopt control and infection measures of the new coronavirus, COVID-19


For our sake and for the sake of all our families.


For questions or clarifications we are always available for any clarification.


Cargolândia Team