Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

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Happy New Year 2020

Dear Clients, Suppliers & Friends

The year 2019 was not very different from the previous ones.

Strong competition, reduced gross margin in business, more dedication and strong effort from our entire team, strikes and more strikes in activities related to our sector, instability in the cost of freights and multiple of other factors that are obstacles in the normal and regular development of our activity.

However, not everything was an obstacle to the normal functioning of the company and we had some positive results in 2019 such as :


  1. We consolidate our implementation in the center/south of the country, via Cargolandia Sul ;
  2. ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification has been revalidated;
  3. The AEO certificate has been revalidated;
  4. We extend the range of our correspondents all over the world, solidifying the foundations of our international relations, through participation in various networks/freight forwarders that we are more involved.
  5. Sales increased more than 25% compared to the previous year;
  6. Despite all the difficulties, we have managed to provide the company with solutions capable of offering to our customers more and better solutions that allow them to have better support from Cargolandia in order to develop their international trades and feel that they can rely on our organization to achieve its goals, which are also ours goals.

The coming year will certainly be another year in full of challenges, but we are sure that, with commitment and effort, that we are recognized, we will firmly overcome this challenge, providing our customers quality services and suitability.

To our customers, for the trust that they have placed in Cargolandia and in our staff during this year our many thanks.

To our suppliers and correspondents our sincere thanks for the collaboration they have provided to us during this year, without which we could not pursue our objectives.

Finally, we must not forget the professionalism and dedication of Cargolandia employees, who were exceptional in fulfilling their tasks of serving well the company and to those who trust on us.

To all and their family members in Cargolandia want to wish you an happy new year of  2020 , with Health, Happiness and full of Successes.


On Behalf Management,