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Manuport Logistics (MPL) expands activities in the Netherlands

Feb 2022
1 minute
As of February, MPL officially has its own entity in the Netherlands: Manuport Logistics Netherlands B.V. Arno Huisman, the brand-new Managing Director, has almost 30 years of experience in the logistics sector. Together with his team of 4 differentiators, he will work on the expansion of MPL's activities in the Netherlands. With the opening of this office, MPL can provide an enhanced service to its existing Dutch customers.


“The MPL Netherlands team has expertise in the various commodities in which MPL specializes,” explains Arno. “The added value of MPL Netherlands is clear: we can serve local customers even better thanks to our experience and local knowledge. The offices in the Netherlands and Belgium can therefore complement each other seamlessly.”

Ken Joris, CCO: “Looking at our international growth ambitions, we really need to be present in Europe’s number one port. For our food vertical, it is key to operate in the first port of call for major reefer shipments. Thanks to the support of all our subsidiaries, which are shipping to and from Rotterdam, we are certain that our Dutch entity has the potential to grow quickly and be very successful.”

“The main goal,” adds Guy Pasmans, CEO of Manuport Logistics, “is to honor and develop the long-term relationships with local customers and partners. We will also be rolling out our global procurement and customers here.”. The integration and further expansion of Manuport Logistics Netherlands will be a joint effort by the local team and head office in Antwerp.

“MPL has a no-nonsense mentality. This means that, for us, the sky is the limit! But to reach for the sky, we must first strengthen our structures with the Dutch team,” concludes Arno Huisman.

MPL's office is centrally located in the Port of Rotterdam, meaning it is ideally positioned for the company's Dutch experts to really make their mark.

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