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We are among the top 3 steel importers in the port of Antwerp, which is one of the leading breakbulk ports in Europe for handling steel cargo. Each year, we handle approx. 1,000,000 tonnes of breakbulk on all major breakbulk terminals. Imports originate from China, Turkey, India, Taiwan, Brazil, Korea and others.

Additionally, we discharge about 1000 containers per year in dedicated warehouses. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer exclusive deals with all handling terminals. One of our dedicated cargo-surveyors checks on the goods the moment a ship arrives. Once the goods have arrived, we take care of your goods' transit to anywhere by road, barge or rail.

For export we mainly transport secondary-steel products. We can offer special steel rates and we use dedicated warehouses to guarantee unhindered transit. For one of our main customers we supply 250.000 metric tonnes of steel coils by barge and/or rail, after which the goods are stored in the vicinity of the steel-manufacturing plant, before Just-in-Time delivery to the plant.

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