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José Santos Ferreira
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Cargolândia was established in 1996, concerning to provide high quality services as Freight Forwarder in general and specializes in Groupages any source to any destination, which is the means of transport.

Our focus is to provide quality services and suitability as Forwarder specializing in marine cargo, full loads groupage from any origin to any destination, also extending our range of services for land and air, by the needs of our customers and network of our international agents.

CARGOLÂNDIA, LDA is an ambitious company with a strong recognition from its customers. It presents itself as a dynamic, agile and constantly evolving due to careful resulting strategic planning experience gained since the 60s of the last century, and their professionalism is combined with careful strategic planning, value creation and the maintenance of the added values ​​of the company, and a strong investment effort in procedures, internal organization and the commercial area.

Mission: Efficiency, professionalism and quality in Forwarding Services In his daily effort to fulfill this mission, Cargolândia combines the long experience of its management with company policy serving its customers with professionalism and dedication, seeking to be for them an important adviser for their international transactions. Our Lemma is " To Work to Serve."


C – Creativity 
A – Amiability 
R – Recognition
G – Guarantee
O – Organizaton
L – Leadership
A – Authenticity
N – Neutrality
D – Dynamism
I – Integrity
A – Application

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